Thursday, October 28, 2010


I’ve been trying to catch up on reading some of the blogs that I enjoy. I'd been MIA for awhile because I was soaking up as much time with my Soldier as I could before he left. It was a great time. He left just a couple days before our second anniversary so we celebrated last weekend. We weren’t supposed to give each other gifts this year because we had bought a new tv last month and that was going to be our gift, but the little tart surprised me with a beautiful necklace. I felt horrible because I didn’t get him anything and there really wasn’t anything I could get him because he wouldn’t be here to be able to enjoy it/use it.

He called me on his way over to his training location to let me know he stopped at Bass Pro Shop and got the GPS he'd been eyeing for awhile, so problem solved! I love having a resourceful husband :)


  1. Big HUG to you Marie! Deployment suck but you are never as alone as you may feel sometimes! All of you in Blogland have taught me that!

  2. Hugs, i'd say I understand but alas.. I do not. Well, BMT was the extent of him leaving me alone which still sucked. How long is this training? If you need me to send you chocolate, let me know!