Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Tale of No Shoes

I went to the gym after work yesterday like I always do. I put my work shoes in a locker to “save” it while I went to a bathroom stall to change from my work clothes to my gym clothes. I come back out of the stall to find that someone had put a padlock on the locker with my shoes in them. I looked in all the other open lockers to see if they had moved my shoes there. No shoes. I then went to customer service to ask they make an announcement for whoever put the lock on to come remove it. They do and there is no response. I figured as much. Then they made a sign to put on the locker asking the person to come to customer service once they remove everything from the locker. I go and work out for my 40 min and then come back to find the lock is still on the locker.
 So I go back to customer service and ask that they cut the lock off the locker so that I can have my shoes back. I had a meeting today for work and I needed to wear my suit. I just have 2 suits, both require black shoes, I only have one pair of black shoes for work, the other pairs just aren’t appropriate. They would not, but told me if the lock was still there at the end of the day (11pm – I go to bed at 10pm) they would cut the lock and call me if my shoes were inside. Fine, they open at 6am, I’ll get them on my way to work.

This morning I called to make sure my shoes were in the locker – they weren’t going to cut the lock until a supervisor arrived at 9am. This didn’t work for me because my meeting is at 8:30am and there aren’t any stores here open until 10am. I had no chance to get new shoes, I had to make due with other dress clothes, which being the only one not in a suit made me just a little self-conscious at the meeting. Anyway, I didn’t hear from them all morning, so during my lunch hour I called again and sure enough, my shoes were in the locker. Now I have to get them after work. I am still steaming mad about this whole ordeal and I think I'm just going to come home and veg after work...


  1. How frustrating!!! Why in God's green earth would someone put their lock in an obviously occupied locker? I'm glad they were still there!

  2. I'm thinking that maybe they didn't see them, but seriously?!?! I can't believe it took them that long to get around to cutting it off. If they're going to tell you that the locks will be removed at night, then the locks should be removed that night. If a supervisor wasn't present to do that then they could have at least given you the heads up. I'm so annoyed for you, I despise when people say things and make promises (or similar) and then don't know what they are talking about. On a side note, walmart has cheap, black work shoes that'll get you through for a day if need be. Hopefully your week gets better.