Sunday, November 7, 2010

Protecting the Home Front

My husband can be a little funny when it comes to leaving me home alone. For example, before he left he loaded up my shotgun, left the chamber open, put it under the bed and placed the last shell on my nightstand so that all I would have to do is put the last shell in the chamber and she’s “locked and ready to roll”. Of course, if I was ever in a situation where I might need one, I am not entirely sure I’d have the presence of mind to do all of this, nor am I sure that I could. I am more likely to try and break a window and run out.

I used to think he was just silly, however, I’ve been a little bit more wary of being along now. Before when Soldier was gone we lived in an apartment on the top floor (sure we had a balcony that someone could climb up) but we weren’t as visible. Now we live in a house and anyone could walk by at night when I have the lights on and see me. It’s made me more aware that I need to take extra steps to protect my safety while Soldier is gone. For example, I’ve taken to keeping the shades drawn at night so outsiders can’t see in. I put some lights on timers so they go on and off randomly while I’m at work to make people think someone is at home. I always always put my paper/mail on hold if I’m out of town so others don’t see it piling up. I never display blue star banners or yellow ribbons because I don’t want others to know my husband is gone.

It’s crazy the lengths we have to go through to protect ourselves while our spouses are away. I’m wondering, does anyone else have any “tricks” they use when your husbands are gone?

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  1. It's great that you are taking positive steps to maintain your safety while your husband is away. I have two dogs...IF someone could get passed them to (1) get to me when I'm there alone, or (2) break in when I'm gone... then I'd be surprised! I also keep a golf club at the front door and at the headboard!