Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shady Dealings

On the flight back from seeing K I was seated next to the most shady character I have ever had the misfortune to meet. First of all, he was on his cell phone the ENTIRE flight. You are not supposed to do this. All I could think was if his cell phone causes the plane to hit something and crash and kill us all, I will come back and kill him again. I am not by nature a violent person. His first call he made to someone who could find him a "crooked insurance adjustor who could make sure things go his way." And that he would "pay him some under the table to seal the deal." What?! His next call was for someone to "deliver a package". The next call was to make sure he could "descretly pass off the package at the next stop and make sure he get's the message." The rest of the calls were setting up various "deals". Excuse me?! I don't know if he was for real, or if he was just making stuff up. If you're conducting this type of business, wouldn't you do it a bit more privately than in an airplane? I was never so happy to see the snowing midwest again!


  1. That is the CRAZIEST thing I have heard of in a long while! I'm glad you made the trip just fine!!

  2. Oh sheesh! I didn't even know you could make phone calls while flying. They always yell at me to turn off my cell phone so I've never toyed with it before. At least you made it back safe and sound, welcome back to the snow!

  3. Wow, that is bad! I once sat next to a guy who did the same thing before he lost all reception. But this dude was on the way to rehab and was telling me a bout how he cheated on his wife with this woman who was into cocaine and she was in rehab too. It was crazy. This is why I always try to get a seat on the single side of the plane if there is one.