Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm a Godmother!

I am a Godmother! My sister-in-law called last night to ask if we would be their son’s godparents. Well, of course we would. I am so honored to have been asked. Want to hear the funny part – their son (our nephew) is going to be 4 years old in a month and has already been baptized, just didn’t have any sponsors. They were waiting for us to get married and then kind of forgot about it after we got married (we’ve been married almost 2 years) until they were planning the baptism for their new baby girl next week and realized we aren’t on our nephew’s baptism certificate. He is such a sweet kid and we love him to death so we were so pleased to be his godparents.

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  1. Congratualtions! It's such a huge deal and honor to be a Godparent!