Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years Resolution: Edit: additional resolution

Normally, I never set resolutions, but I made a resolution in February last year to get healthy. And I stuck with it and having a system to keep me accountable helped me achieve my goal, so I'm hoping that blogging my list and checking in quarterly will help me keep on track.

  1. Lose 20lbs
    • I know this is the most common goal, but I am working really hard on accomplishing this. Since I got married I had gained about 40lbs. Last year i started working out again when my blood pressure went up. I lost 30lbs and I'm healthy and in shape and my blood pressure is back to normal. i still need to lose that last 10 I had gained and I'd like to throw in another 10 just for me.
    • I'm still going to the gym and now I'm going to start going 6 days a week again.
  2. Get into graduate school
    • I want to get my masters and the application deadline is in June, so I need to get working on that.
  3. Finish my quilt
  4. Volunteer
    • This may be the most difficult of my goals. I work full time and will be starting (hopefully) graduate school next year, but I really want to become more involved in my community.
  5. Become a member of my church
    • I need to transfer my membership from my hometown church to the church I attend here and need to become active in it.
  6. Watch all 100 movies on AFI's 100 greatest movies list
    • I love movies about as much as I love reading. I would have set a goal for number of books to read but I read so much anyway that I thought this might be better. I like older movies so I thought this list would be a great place to start.

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