Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Advice

Soldier has the day off from training today because…they got 2 inches of snow! 2 inches. I don't even bat an eye for anything less than 3 inches. I understand that the southern states don't have the infrastructure in place to deal with snow, but 2 inches! This is the military, aren't they supposed to be able to respond to natural disasters? Anyway, I was watching the news this morning while getting ready for work and saw how much of the south was affected by this snowfall and have a few tips from someone who regularly gets 40+ inches of snow each winter and knows the seasons as Winter, Still Winter, Construction and Almost Winter.


1.       Slow down while driving. This may seem like common sense, but even in the seasoned north everyone seems to be struck by amnesia with the first snow fall and it takes a few fender benders and cars in the ditch before everyone remembers snow = slippery roads. O, and 4-wheel drive doesn't help much on ice covered roads.

2.       Shovel. Pair up with a friend or neighbor to shovel your drive way/sidewalks. Doing it with someone else helps it go quicker and then you have enough energy left to shovel your elderly neighbors driveway or the neighbor with a deployed husband and 4 kids. If someone shovels your driveway, thank them.

3.       Don't park on the street. It takes the plows a while to get down every street, especially in those cities with only a couple plows. Parking your car on the street slows the plow down and creates this nice big snow bank against your vehicle that you will later have to shovel off.

4.       Better yet, stay off the roads all together if you don't have to go somewhere. Unless your driving somewhere for an emergency or to work, stay at home. Driving on roads just compacts the snow and turns it into ice which makes the roads even more slippery.

5.       Never abandon your car on the road!! If you get stuck on the road, you're just going to have to call a friend or tow truck to come get you. I know it sounds strange, but a car in the middle of the road means the plows can't get through!

6.       Ice fishing probably isn't very popular in the southern states, but here in the north it means that a power outage is no problem. Just bring in the propane tank and attach the heater and you have a warm house. But don't forget to crack a window. If the stores are out of generators, stop by Menards and pick up a Mr. Heater for the grill's propane tank or, see #2 above and get out and shovel!


I absolutely love snow storms. Everything is coated in a gorgeous white blanket (until the plows come through). It's even better when we get 20 inches and I get a snow day and can stay at home curled up next to the Mr. Heater and read a book.

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