Saturday, March 12, 2011


That is the status of my flight to see Soldier. I got a call from the airline at 5am this morning saying my 8am flight has been canceled. I immediately called and tried to book a later flight...the next available flight was MONDAY! I am not waiting another 2 days to see Soldier. I then asked for a flight out of the nearest town and I got one this evening. The only problem is the roads are closed so I have to hope they open up by 2pm this afternoon, or I'm going to miss that flight too. This really sucks. If my flight hadn't been canceled I would be in Soldier's arms by 2pm already today. Cross your fingers and send up a little prayer for me that the roads will open by 2pm so i can fly down and bring Soldier HOME!


  1. On a happy side note.. they're open now :) Good luck getting down there!! Just stay away from Bismarck.

  2. Sara, I hope by now you are enjoying your Soldier!!!