Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stressed to the Max

The countdown to K coming home is getting very near. I'm equal parts excited and scared to death. I have been so stressed about his coming home that my skin has broken out like it never has before, I've gained 7 pounds, and I am so tired I have huge bags under my eyes. This is supposed to be a very exciting time, but all I can think about it "there goes his paycheck." You see, Soldier is not employed outside of the Army National Guard. He graduated college last May and since then he worked some temp jobs with the army before this training, but he doesn't have a job to come back to.


Fortunately I have a good job and he made good money down there so we have a good chunk of money saved up to fall back on, but I would rather not use that. I'm hoping to put it towards a hefty down payment on a house here in the next year. I just wish he had a job already. I know he's been trying, but it's terribly frustrating to be stuck in limbo. We can't buy a house because we don't know where he'll find a job. I'm going to graduate school so I know I wont stay in my current position for too much longer so we have the flexibility of moving somewhere else if he finds something he likes. I would like to start thinking about having kids in the next few years, but I'm not going to do that until we're home owners for a while.


I'm trying not to stress and worry, but it's constantly on my mind. I want to start moving forward.

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  1. Oh Marie - I'm so sorry that the excitement of his return is a little overshadowed by your husband not having a job to come back to. It's one of the downfalls to ANG and it stinks. We are fortunate that my husband will be returning to his job when he gets home.
    Big HUG to you!!!

    Just think...your husband is coming HOME! Yea!!