Thursday, March 24, 2011

FW: At Last

 Settling down at last. After the headache that was my canceled flight I made it down to Soldier by the grace of God and the good will of a fellow traveler. As I wrote before my flight down to Soldier had been canceled and I was rebooked on another flight flying out of a nearby town that evening. The roads opened up in time for me to make it down there, but they had overbooked my flight and I was on standby. The next flight out wasn't until Monday evening, just the day before Soldier's graduation. Fortunately the kindest gentleman in the world volunteered to take a later flight out and I got his seat. I did feel absolutely horrible for the other 2 travelers who weren't so lucky. I sent up a prayer that they would make it to their destinations and a little curse to Delta for putting us all in this position.

It was great to seen Soldier again and know that after this we would be driving home and he'd be staying for good. Even having his parent's there couldn't ruin my mood J. Though I was a little offended when his mother said all Army Wives are petty and only cause trouble and that Officer's Wives always try to pull rank. I had to bite my tongue other than to say that hasn't been my experience with military spouses. Granted, outside of the blogging community I don't know too many military spouses, and even less officer's wives, but those I do know have been very kind. Furthermore, I'm a military wife and an officer's wife and I'd like to thing she didn't mean to include me in this statement as I don't consider myself a catty person ( or I try not to be) and I have no opportunity to "pull rank" even if I was inclined to because I live 250 miles away from Soldier's unit and don't know anyone in it.

We made it back home and have been working on adjusting to being together again. I'm trying to let go of my routines and be more spontaneous and let Soldier do more and he's trying to find enough to stay busy. I prided myself on keeping up on all of the house chores fix it list and not leaving anything undone, but now I think I should have left more so he has something to do during the day. He's been going to the gym for a few hours every day and spending a few more hours job searching, but he's so used to go go go that it's hard for him to settle down and relax.

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