Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moving Countdown Begins

We finally found a house and are moving in just a little under 3 weeks. It’s a little short notice so we’ve been working like crazy to pack up our apartment. We packed up the office (the room I was dreading the most so I wanted to do it first while packing was still exciting – that lasted for all of 3 boxes) and I packed up the dining room, utility room and entryway closet this weekend before I ran out of boxes. K is picking up some more after work today and I hope to finish packing the living room and linen closet – maybe even start on the kitchen (another room I am definitely not excited to do) during the week and finish packing the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen this week, leaving out just the essentials to get through the week before we move into our house!

We are a little crazy though, Soldier doesn’t get any time off from work and has to work the next weekend as well so we’ve been doing all our packing during the week after we’re both done with work and I get home from the gym. Yes, I decided this would also be a great time to start working out again, so K gets home from work at 6pm and I usually get home from the gym at 6:30pm. Which then after making, eating, and cleaning up after supper it’s about 8pm which leaves maybe 1-2 hours of packing/purging/organizing/cleaning time before K needs to go to bed because he has to get up for PT at 5am. We get the keys the day before we are set to move so I’m probably going to stay up all night cleaning the new house before we start bringing everything in.

O, and because K can’t take time off I get to load all of these nicely packed boxes into the uhaul all by myself. I thought about calling some friends to ask if they’d help, but moving is such an unpleasant job I don’t even want to do it. And his parents are coming to visit the weekend we’re moving and that also happens to be the weekend of my parent’s 25th anniversary, soooo, K is going to have to move all those boxes into the house with the help of his parents because I’m leaving to go to my parents where the rest of my sisters and I are meeting for a family anniversary dinner with the grandparents.

I asked K to not do any unnecessary unpacking until I got back because I don’t want to have to rearrange things that had already been put away – especially in the kitchen – just to put them how I want them or I’d never find anything. So, when I get back on Sunday night I’m going to start the process of unpacking and putting everything away.


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  1. Packing is the worst!!! Good luck with your move!!