Sunday, September 19, 2010

Winter Already?!

We got snow last night! Can you believe it - it's only September and we already had our first snow. Fortunately it didn't stick and melted as soon as it touched the ground, but it seems like we might skip fall again this year and head straight to winter. Last year the leaves didn't even get a chance to change colors before the frost came and they just fell off the trees. Hopefully we get some colorful folliage this year because it is soooo beautiful. We got married in the fall almost 2 years ago and had the weather was perfect, 50 degrees and the trees were gorgeaus. Maybe we'll be lucky again this year, but the weather man said it was going to freeze tonight so I better pick the rest of my vegetables.

I finished the knitting projects for my nieces and nephew's Christmas presents and here are the finished projects.

Little bitty hat and booties for the newborn

Camoflauge hat and scarf for the duck hunter

Pink and purple hat ans scarf with beads for the girly girl

Yellow and gray hat with matching gray scarf

Blue hat and scarf for the bears fan

1 comment:

  1. Snow??? No way!!

    I just love your knitting projects!! As soon as I finish and afghan I have been crocheting, want to get a "ow To" book on knitting and try that! After seeing your finished projects - I am definitely inspired!