Friday, July 9, 2010


We have a saying my state when people ask us how we can live in such a cold climate (it's usually 40 below for the whole month of January and most of February, and that's before you add wind chill). We tell them it "keeps the riff-raff out." Well, it's not working any more. Last night hubby had a softball game, and of course they were all drinking during the game. I met him at the game, so I just drove us home in his jeep afterwards and we left my car at the diamonds to pick up this morning before work. K biked out there at 6am to get in a workout before work and pick up my car. Well – some hooligans had broken into my car during the night. They smashed my window (must have missed on the first try because they put a deep dime size dent in the door below the window), and then stole his ipod, the charger, the fm transmitter and his phone charger.

What they stole didn’t bother me so much as the time it took me to handle this situation. K got back home at 6:45am with my car, I was just finishing up blow drying my hair. He called the PD (they had already noticed the break-ins and left a card on my windshield and called me at 2am to notify me – obviously I didn’t wake up and listen to the message until later this morning) and completed a report. I then called to find someone who could replace my broken window – the earliest anyone can is Tuesday. Made the appointment and gave them my credit card number (not excited to see that bill). The police came to look at the car and document the damage and get the serial numbers for the ipod and fm transmitter. Then I had to vacuum up all the broken glass while K picked up the bigger pieces. There was so much and it was everywhere, even in the backseat on the passenger side.. So I got everything vacuumed up but my car is sparkling now with all the glass dust that doesn’t vacuum up. Then I had to wrap my window with plastic. Very ghetto fabulous. Here’s a picture for your enjoyment.

All said and done I finally made K go shower at 7:45am (he had to be at work at 9pm and it’s an hour drive). Needless to say he was going to be late. We called both our employers to let them know we would be late this morning. I felt so bad for him because he doesn’t like to be rushed or unprepared and he’s leaving for drill straight from work and they’re heading right out to the field for the weekend. And he felt terrible because he kept thinking it was his fault – it’s not, you should be able to leave your car without it being vandalized. I was a half hour late for work too, which isn’t as big of a deal for me as they are much more flexible than the Army is.

I had planned on driving down to a town an hour from here to meet up with a friend from high school and go to a concert. But before I can go I need to go to Lowes and get a piece of plexi glass to put in my window so I have something more substantial than a sheet of plastic. I definitely don’t need to leave my car sitting out in the parking lot of the concert just to have someone cut the plastic and break into my car. Again. With my luck they’d figure out how to start it and steal the car itself. If I can’t get the plexi glass to work then I’m stuck here tonight.

Stay positive, stay positive, stay positive (I’m repeating this to myself all day).


  1. Oh my goodness...I would ask "could your week get any worse?" but I don't want to jinx you! I'm sorry about your car...that really sucks! I hope that your weekend is wonderful!

  2. Ugh that is rough! So sorry that the riff-raff messed up your morning.