Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I did it, I finally decided on a cell phone! It only took me how long to pick one out! I'm a very picky person about some things, and my cell phone is one of them. I like it to be simple and easy to use. Originally I wanted to get a blackberry because using internet is much more functional and they have a Skype feature - which would be great when K leaves in the fall, but to sync it with my work email would cost $99 for the license, and Verizon makes you buy the most expensive data package - mandatory! Eventually I narrowed it down to a Samsung and the LG cosmos before settling on the LG becuase K has an LG so we can share chargers when traveling.

It's very user friendly, and easy to navigate. I got my personal email account set up, even sent my first email! Now I just need my work account set up and I'm golden.

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  1. I looked at the Blackberry but just couldn't justify the mandatory package. I went with the LG NV2.. We looked at a global Verizon plan so Rich and I could talk anytime..but that was an additional 200/mo with 2 yr commitment. There just is no easy way... Skype and being able to talk to him through email to text works great!