Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hellooo Summer

I think today would be the official day of summer in the Midwest. Finally a day without a single drop of rain, which is a miracle around here. This morning as I was getting ready the forecasters were predicting more severe thunderstorms, but there isn’t a cloud in the sky. I can almost forget that my plants are so wet the roots are rotting in the pots. The last few day’s I’ve had to cover them with tarps just so they wouldn’t get anymore water! But I do have a lovely pepper to show for all this rain, now I just hope this sun turns it into the sweet orange pepper I want it to be.

Now if it would just hurry up and be the weekend so I can get out and enjoy it. I wish K didn’t have to work so we could have gone camping this weekend. We got a huge stinking tent for our wedding (I’m serious, I think it’s bigger than our apartment) and we haven’t even used it yet – though we’ve loaned it out to plenty of other people already. I’m so excited he’ll be starting his new job next week because then he’ll have nights and weekends off. What a luxury!

I’m able to upgrade my cell phone now and I want to get a phone with internet and email, but I am completely lost and overwhelmed with the choices. Now’s the perfect time because Verizon requires data packages with any phone with a full keyboard (which is all of them, what a scam!) I would also like one that I can use to check my work email when I’m on the road. What Smart phones do you have and what do you recommend?

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  1. I'm in the good ol' South and I love Summer time! Okay - I could do without the humidity, but I love the long days and sun!

    I only have a Verizon LG (with the data package)..which I love. I'd like to be able to upgrade to a more internet friendly phone later! Keep us posted with what you get!

    I am enjoying your blog..btw!