Friday, June 18, 2010

Blonde Moment

DH family is very big on remembering birthdays and anniversarys and when we got married his dad sent me an excel spreadsheet with everybody's birthday and anniversarys listed so i could remember to send them a card and/or gift. This is very different than how my family opperates. We're much more lax about birthdays and usually just give each other a call on the day unless it's a mile marker birthday or anniversary. So it's no big deal if I am off a day or so.

Trying to be a good daughter-in-law I started making monthly calendars with everyone's birthday and anniversary for the month listed. This month I messed up. DH's mom turns 50 this month, I put it down on the calendar as today. I called her to wish her a happy birthday and we chit chatted for a bit. I talked to DH later and let him know and he tells me his mom's birthday isn't until tomorrow. Now I'm so embarrassed and feel so bad. And I can't believe he didn't mention it earlier that I had the wrong date on the calendar. Ugh, this is just sooo like me!

On a brighter note, DH comes back in 2 days! Yay!

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