Friday, June 4, 2010

What a day

  Why is it that nothing ever comes up until your husband is gone? I kissed the Mr. good bye this morning and sent him off to AT. And then a few hours later he texts me because he needs me to scan and email him a copy of his passport for a job he was just offered! Well, we keep all our important documents in a safety deposit box at our bank. No problem, I will run over after work and get the passport, scan and email it. Well, this is were the fun starts.
  Low and behold, while we were going through the process of adding each other to all our accounts at Wells Fargo, somewhere they neglected to add me to his safety deposit box. I (shamelessly) played the military card and let them know my husband was gone and couldn't get this himself and he needed it today. They called their ethics rep to see what they could do for me in this situation. Turns out she said they couldn't do anything. At this point they very well could have just told me "sorry, better luck next time. It's against our policy to let you in to the box." But, being from the nicest state in the union, one of the banker's went home to get his passport so he could get me their 1-800 number for emergencies hoping I could have them fax me a copy of DH passport. In the meantime they came up with an idea to have Hubbs sign a release at the town where he's staying for AT, and then faxing that over for me to sign. That didn't work. Finally someone, me, asked about a power of attorney. Viola! They do have a POA for situations liek this and were able to have DH sign the POA at their branch and then fax that to our Wells Fargo so I could get into our safety deposit box and get his passport. I was at the bank for an hour and a half and they were SOOO helpful. I think they could tell I was desperate to get the passport today so the Mr. could get that job he wanted. I felt terrible for taking up so much of their time on a busy Friday, but they were great. I'll be writing Wells Fargo a very nice thank you letter for all the trouble they went through
  And the kicker is -  his passport wasn't even in the deposit box!! Yes, that's right, he had left it in our safe at home! I told him tonight he's lucky he already bought me flowers before he left today or I'd be wanting a nice bouquet for this :)
(And no, I wont be telling Wells Fargo the passport wasn't in there after all)


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